The Grifters Wholesale and Distribution Policy




How does it work?


If you are interested to stock our products in your store please join our WHOLESALE MAILING LIST. We send product catalogues, release dates, order forms and all the information needed, exclusively via this mailing list.


Subscribe your store here.


If you have any questions & requests about the products distribution - you can contact our wholesale department at wholesale@thegrifters.org anytime. We will reach you back as soon as possible.



How to place an order?


  1. Fill the order form. Once you’ve chosen the product that you want - fill the order form. Order forms are sent trough our Mailing List or can be obtained via requested at email: wholesale@thegrifters.org . Please, provide all the information required in the order form.
  2. Send the order form. After you’ve filled the order form, you need to send it to wholsale@thegrifters.org .
  3. Approval & Verification of billing and shipping address. After reviewing your order form, we will return it with calculated shipping cost for your final written approval. We will verify your shipping and billing address, and preferred payment method.
  4. Proceed to payment. After your final approval we will state and send you the invoice.
  5. Obtain tracking number. After the payment is received we will proceed with the fulfillment of your order, send it and provide you with the tracking number and the tracking web address.

If you need help in any of the steps - we are here to help you! Don’t hesitate to contact us!

  1. Delivery between 1-7 days. Shipping takes between 1-7 business days for EU and 1-9 for the rest of the world.



What do we offer?


  • High quality products, created in collaboration with renowned urban and contemporary artists.
  • Free Shipping. (see VII)
  • Free Return. (see XI)
  • Express and insured shipping with tracking number.






I. General Information


    Our products are available for wholesale only to valid business-clients, no retail customers. In respect to business relations of all types between The Grifters ltd., Bulgaria (hereafter called The Grifters) and its customers (hereafter called customer), the following general terms and conditions of business hold true in their legally valid versions, respectively. Different conditions or general business practices of the customer have no legal validity unless a written agreement has been negotiated elsewhere.


    All offers – whether they be transacted by telephone, internet, e-mail or any other form – only become legally binding for The Grifters if they have been confirmed in writing, or if the goods have been delivered and/or an invoice has been delivered.

The Grifters reserves the right to deny the promised service subsequent to determining that the goods are no longer available, both after contractual settlement and also although a corresponding hedging transaction has been concluded. In such a case, the customer will be notified immediately. All reciprocations and considerations of any kind provided by the customer beforehand will be reimbursed without delay. It is then excluded that further legal claims be raised by the customer against The Grifters.



    II. Contract Language


      The contract language is in English. All the products that we offer to you are not a legal binding product offering but a non-binding presentation.



      III. Prices


      All the prices of our products are in Euro, and do not include VAT (20% is the Bulgarian VAT tax on all items). (See IV. VAT)


      “Wholesale Price” - is the price of our products for our wholesale customers.

      “Suggested Retail Price” is the suggested price for the public. For books, please note the existence of FIXED BOOK PRICE law in your country.


      Shipping costs are not included in the product prices.

      FREE SHIPPING is available for specific products and countries. (see VII)

      Consult our shipping prices here.


      IV. VAT

        As The Grifters is a Bulgarian company, we will charge the Bulgarian VAT tax of 20%, if it is necessary.

        • Customers from the EU with a valid VAT number will not be charged with VAT.
        • Customers from the EU, without a VAT number/registration will be charged with VAT (20%)
        • Customers from outside the EU will not be charged with VAT. Please, note that there may be additional taxes and fees at your local custom regarding the import of goods for countries outside of the EU. All those taxes are due to the buyer.
        • Customers from Bulgaria will be charged with VAT (20%).



        V. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)


          Every product has a minimum order quantity.

          The minimum order quantities are negotiable while you combine more than one product in an order.



          VI. Consignation


            The Grifters does not offer products on consignation!



            VII. Payment Method


            We accept PayPal and Bank transfer payments.

            Orders paid with Paypal are fulfilled as soon as the payment is received.

            Orders paid with Bank transfers will be fulfilled as soon the money is received in our bank account or you provide a digital receipt from your bank or e-bank.





            We offer FREE SHIPPING for specific products and countries. The FREE SHIPPING conditions are sent in the product catalogues via our mailing list. You can request our FREE SHIPPING conditions at wholesale@thegrifters.org



            IX. Shipping & Handling


              The shipping costs depend on the total weight of the order. The product weight is stated in our product catalogues. The final order weight will be calculated and sent to you for your approval. (see 3 of “How to place an order?”)

              You can consult our shipping prices here.


              Our shipping is provided by different courier companies (mainly TNT & Speedy) and it is with a tracking number and an insurance.


              Your order will be shipped as soon as the payment is received (see VII. Payment Method).


              We will provide you with a shipping number and a tracking web address.


              Shipping takes between 1-7 business days for Europe and 1-9 business days for the Rest of the world. Please, note that there may be delays at your local customs and due to local holidays (Both Sender & Receiver).


              Please, don’t accept packages with damages (see XIV. Warranty)




              X. Your own transportation


                Customers can organize their own shipping.

                In case a customer uses own shipping, the insurance and the FREE RETURN policy of The Grifters are not valid. The Grifters will be not responsible, for any loses or damages.



                XI. FREE RETURN


                  We give our best to satisfy you and our customers. If somehow you are not satisfied with our products quality you can return it. In this case we offer FREE RETURN. We cover shipping costs up to 50 EUR.


                  All our products are checked for defects. If by any chance you find one, please contact us immediately at wholesale@thegrifters.org with short description and a photo (if needed). We will find a solution or organize replacement (if needed) for the defective goods.


                  For any issues please contact us and we will find the best solution for you.



                  XII. Products & Packaging


                  Our products are delivered in its final version and can’t be an object of any changes. If a product has a packaging, it will be sent with it and the retailer is supposed to sell the product with this packaging. Apparel and accessories can’t be changed in any way: printed, embroidered, cut and etc. Books and fanzines can’t be changed and signed by the artist without the knowledge of The Grifters. Every product has a suggested retail price.



                  XIII. Samples


                  We offer free product samples only for some products. You can request a sample at wholsale@thegrifters.org . Shipping costs are due to the customer.



                  XIV. Warranty


                  At the delivery of the ordered items, the customer shall examine the goods in order to ensure that they are complete and that there are no defects. This examination shall be effected as soon as possible. If a loss or defect is discovered the customer shall contact The Grifters immediately.


                  The customer SHOULD NOT ACCEPT packages, delivered with transport defects and deformations.


                  At the delivery, please examine the delivered package well BEFORE SIGNING. The delivery persons are always on the hurry, but if damaged package is accepted by the customer, the WARRANTY and the FREE RETURN policy are no longer valid.

The warranty period shall be a period of one year after the goods are delivered to the customer. In the case of defective goods, the customer is entitled to claim at his discretion either the removal of the defective part or delivery of a product which is free of defects. The Grifters is entitled to refuse the kind of replacement chosen by the customer, if the kind of replacement requires unreasonable expense.





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