Teh Grifters™ is the frontend of a project which has been in the making for many years, and has involved the studies and synergy of many different subjects, including behavioral, social and reverse psychology, NLP, fine arts, design science, colour theory, geometry and harmonic concepts, marketing, persuasion and sales, behavioural finance and calculus, martial arts, as well as many others.  Put simply, though, it is the best thing that ever happened to internet graffiti media: the most counterfeited and well-known blog in the lifestyle world that effectively is THE status symbol of the underground world. An original photoblog, showing the lifestyle of graffiti writers around their social circle, which had to pave its own way through an internet platform. Surprisingly, its carisma is the attitude, fun and energy which it brings to YOUR party.
It publishes the lifestyle as it is: pure and harsh, provocative and, in part, disgusting. It hints at all the little techniques, tips and tricks (as absurd and funny as they may seem) that are used to reach goals and targets – all the weapons to get the job done. Though an ordinary person may not necessarily understand or like the material, he can, at least, see and feel the ambience in those lives, no matter how good, bad or ugly. Suddenly it is posible to see and feel the story behind the street spam that people encounter every day; surely, it is not to be glorified. But it has been transformed from the avatar of the average trash-life graffiti writer, who smokes weed and drinks beer all day, works 8 hours a day at McDonalds, saves his money and spends it for a crappy interrail, meeting likeminded confused and trapped souls. Instead, it might quite well be a charismatic, always analyzing, always tolerant gentleman, which you never heard of, but would love to meet. A freedom fighter, who may indeed be a hedge fund manager with a shady background and no fear of facing the consequences of his actions. A loyal to the game and his tribe persona, who has no fear to show and get what he wants and say what he wants to say. To make fun of all the rules and laws that someone created and society expects us to follow. People are sheep, which like to follow others for the social validation.  Sourcing the fear of the unknown, this herding process helps them cope with the uncertainty of life, and allows them to stay in their comfort zone. After all, if others are doing it, it must be right – the madness of crowds in action. 
We hide behind the mask of journalists, following the acts of others (who do bad, bad, BAD things which we would never support). Exciting heroes are created and can be erased with one click, if it is so desired.
So what is it all really about?
It has always been about pushing the limits of what is humanly possible; about the path of unlimited growth and expansion; about tapping into your potential (it is truly unlimited); about fearing the unknown and staying focused and disciplined enough to take the upper hand of the situation; about the power of goal-setting and achievement; about the dedicated and obsessive motivation, which drives all great and exceptional people; about judging perceived probabilities and making them work in your favor; about expressing your creative and masculine energies; about being competitive and always doing stuff better; about being present in the moment and observing the world through the foggy lens of constant risk taking, while simultaneously having the fun of your life. It is all mental, after all, and to have an extraordinary life you have to have an extraordinary psychology. 
Only Internet can judge us.
We still think that few people realize the enormous power of the internet and what an amazing breakthrough it is in the world of technology, business, social interaction and marketing. Never, ever in the history of the world have you been able to reach 2 billion people with your message, not to mention with almost no startup costs. So why wouldn’t you take this opportunity?
 Of course there is a bad side to it: The amount of media, being published today in an hour in the internet is just staggering – your stuff has to be really tight to reach the surface from all those twitter feeds, diggs, reddits and God knows what. Accordingly, the value of your “exclusive” material is gone the day after you have published it and it just drowns in the history of your page. And though this forces you to be working on new stuff all the time, you want to have some of it on paper to preserve it from being ctrl-del-ed away and, possibly, show it to your new girlfriend, while chatting in front of the fireplace.
The Grifters™ does not support any illegal activities. All the footage shown is send to us anonymously and is used only for documentation purposes.

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