Good Guy Boris

Wearing beepers as fashion accessories and walking around Barbes with Alerian-flag socks. Thats whats up.

I get out of prison. Help me 1 euro.

I felt in love with this guy's idea who i met near the Saint-Lazare station Paris shorty after my return. I am still jealous about it. I could do the same, only if i know how to write in french - in English no one will understand it.


Hi everyone. I created this private space to expose for you a bit more from my life. Pictures, quotes and stories that i find interesting to share with you - all that for free! It's like: 'Yo dawg, i heard you like blogs so I put a blog inside your blog so you can has more blogs to blog'.

If you feel the urge to say something you can do it at Boris at thegrifters dot org or you can simply follow and unfollow me on istagram here.

*Picture related - The small solidarity box that collected money during my holidays. Much love to all who supported!