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Méthode et Désordre - Book by Mygalo

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Méthode et Désordre.


64 pages // 876 skeletons // 3 custodies // 1 Mygalo

With his cryptic and sarcastic sense of humor, Mygalo unveils a 64 pages black and white booklet, designed with a home-made and rough touch and delivered with 3 original stickers. A mix of images and words, including pieces of street-art, unreleased photographs and freaky situations to discover the complex and caustic world of this French painter.


Inside: 64 pages 260gr.

Cover: Special 320gr. Signed and numbered with silkscreen part of a cover for cutout.


Book release and show on Saturday 26 April at 17:00h.

Galerie Raphaël Imbert. 35 bis rue Jean de la Fontaine. 75016 Paris.


The book will be available in our store from 05 MAY , 10:00a.m. (gmt + 01).



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