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Matière grise - Paris Nord 1986 - 2013

Matière grise (English: The Grey Matter):

Our friend Mank the WIld Child has done a book for the history of the most beautiful train in the world - Le Petit Gris (The Silver Train) of Gare du Nord.

The last run of this iconic train was this January 2013. The author of the book has done a great job with the selection of the photos and the text. We highly recommend this book to everyone! The book is availavle now for purchase at AllCity

A limited edition with a cover made from the original leather of the benches of the train will be released at the vernisage of the book and later in our store!

Release and vernisage date to be announced soon. 

Our video for the book is also on its way.


Enjoy the preview here



Matière grise - Paris Nord 1986 - 2013. Book about the history of graffiti on the Silver Train of Gare Du Nord in Paris. Mank. Wild Child. Petit gris de gare du nord


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