Good Guy Boris

Is good to make clear that the name of my first exhibition has nothing to do with the album of Korn. The name is inspired from The paradigm shift theory, explained in 'The 7 Habits of highly effective people' by Steven covey. Reading it might help you connect the puzzle pieces that i will present you before and during the expo.


Yesterday I spent the half of my afternoon at the Louvre practicing my french skills and questioning random Parisians for an upcoming video.

La Poste x Boris limited edition collector stamps

This summer a friend sent me those wonderful personalized post stamps for my jail-mail, that i used for telling the wardens the story that La Poste is running an official limited edition to support my legal fees.

Thanks Vince



I get out of prison. Help me 1 euro.

I felt in love with this guy's idea who i met near the Saint-Lazare station Paris shorty after my return. I am still jealous about it. I could do the same, only if i know how to write in french - in English no one will understand it.